Side effects (2013) Movie review; Not great but not terrible

I find Jude Law has the ability to make me love and hate him from film to film,he has a smugness that when the film calls for it comes off as delightful ( The Talented Mr Ripley,Closer) but when it’s not required in the role it’s still there, so I am guessing this has more to do with his style in acting and not him repeating the same character for every film he stars in.

This film starts off interesting with the plot being that of a woman who suffers with depression and is struggling with the idea that her husband is going to be released from prison soon.

The twist is smart, I found myself clapping within my mind at what the director and writer had managed to pull off, the only thing that lets this film down is…. the ending and…. Jude Law!!!

Jude ”SMUG” Law and the finale were a major let down,I don’t like it when a film is all wrapped up nicely at the end with every question you might have had about the film answered,it kind of felt like an episode of Columbo.

Worthy of a watch If you have nothing better to do.




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