Bates motel – TV review – 2013; This norman is better than the film version.8/10

I started watching this show with one foot out of the room,as the first episode started I was unsure about how much juice could be squeezed out of this classic horror story.

They have taken the blue print of Norman Bates and opened up the flood gates, the possibilities now seem endless but they do still stick within the guide lines of the original story which makes it feel authentic as well as exciting as your feel the show really explains how this little monster was created.

Norman Bates is played by Freddie Highmore, He really does deliver in this show,you know what he will become but the ride that he takes you on to get there is mesmerising, you have sympathy for the way he feels and for the hell that his life continues to be, but at the same time he holds the secret to the darkness in the film that as a viewer keeps bringing you back for more.

I feel the first few episodes were really slow burners but once you get passed those the rest of the show is a real treat!





One thought on “Bates motel – TV review – 2013; This norman is better than the film version.8/10”

  1. This is a series I will check out once it hits home video because I can then watch em all at my own pace. Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore are great.

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