Snitch (2013) Movie review; Dwayne Johnson going out to show us he can act…

I do like Dwayne Johnson, I am not a wrestling fan but it was hard to miss the charm and star presence that he showed when hurling himself against the ropes.

Over the years since he has made some decent action movies,Welcome to the Jungle and Walking tall being the most enjoyable,he did surprise me in his role as a camp gangster in ”Be cool” but only in the sense of he pulled it off.

I say the previous because this following film is a mess,they have taken out everything that makes Dwayne cool, the film leaves you with a sensitive father who cowers down to bully’s and shows no respect for himself or his family.

Before I get battered for this I know the film is based on a true story, that’s great but why choose the Rock to play a sensitive father on the edge of a nervous breakdown,there is one scene when he is called upon to cry,god it was painful,  for me anyway!!! his face just does not fit this type of role, you can’t have a guy who looks like he could bench press a building walking into rooms looking like he wants to breakdown in tears,the character and the reality don’t meet at any stage.

Dwayne,you are a decent action star but you will never pick up an Oscar,the sooner you realise this the sooner we can both start enjoying your movies again.



2 thoughts on “Snitch (2013) Movie review; Dwayne Johnson going out to show us he can act…”

  1. I’m a Dwayne fan and although I’ve not yet seen Snitch, I so agree with you about his lack of ability to play sensitive roles. He cried in Gridiron Gang and again in Faster and it was so fake it was embarrassing, his chin didn’t even wobble lol. He should stick to what he does best, be a brainless muscle guy.

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