Wasted on the young (2010) Movie review; Total waste of time….

Where to begin with this pile of poop,well the story might be a good start,the idea is not bad…. A girl gets raped after being drugged at a party,the rest of the film is then all about who did it ? did anyone do it ? can anyone prove  it ? Does anyone really care ? ….

In my case no, the key reason for this was the really bad job in editing / directing, there were scenes that lasted ten times the amount they should have without the need or requirement,as a result the movie feels slow and drawn out,it may sound like a strange thing to moan about but when all the key dialogue is delivered in a scene and the camera pans out slowly for 15 seconds it becomes very annoying,maybe once this could be classed as artistic,on every scene it becomes pretentious and really annoying for the viewer.

The teenage characters were mainly one dimensional and reverted to the cool guys vs the nerds which was overplayed by almost everyone involved

There are decent actors who appear in the film but I feel the style, or lack of, ruined any real enjoyment for the viewer.



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