Stoker (2013) Movie review; It’s no old boy but it does have style…

My expectation for this movie was high, anyone who has seen Old boy knows that the style and story of that film really had a big impact on cinema in general, Hollywood are cashing in this year by remaking the 2003 classic.

Chan wook park delivers a beautiful film in Stoker,there are twists and turns throughout and the cinematography is truly outstanding, there are moments in the film that could be captured as a still and be sold as art in a gallery.

With all the above said I can’t fly the ”Stoker” flag, the style was high but the content and story did not really do it for me,apart from the lead star I found the other characters purposely dull, I think this created endless possibilities for the movie but at the same time fails to engage or keep the interest of the viewer throughout.

Style over content.




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