The Hangover part 3 (2013) Movie review; My fav’ out the lot!

I had such low expectations for this movie that I found myself surprised at how much I enjoyed this installment.

The first movie was very over hyped,it was indeed funny but I would not put it down as a classic,the second in my opinion was a complete waste of time,you really do get the feeling that they are squeezing their cash cow for every last drop,so on to the third,surely the cow is dead by now ?… well not quite,Alan for me is the only true funny thing about these movies, so they did the smart thing and based this film on him, his dead pan rudeness made me laugh out loud.

John Goodman plays a convincing bad ass and even though the story is rather over played the lead characters are entertaining and the pace of the movie feels just right.

Better than expected!



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