Bullet to the head (2013) Movie review; No real flow and his co star is bloody awful!

Stallone will always have a place in my heart when it comes to movies,as a kid he made some of the best action packed movies going,more recently he has made a revival with his expendable franchise,I see this as him tipping his cap to the world before his curtain comes down,the expendable movies are not to be taken seriously, there is a wink and a nod the audience that says we know we are passed it but look we can nearly do what we use to ….

The problem with bullet to the head is Stallone’s belief that anyone would believe that he could kick any ones ass at his age, if you brought guns and cigars into the picture you could maybe get passed the bulls*it, but Stallone insists on beating these guys with his bare fists which doesn’t make any sense when his m.o is that of a hitman/ pensioner.

His co-star (Sung Kang) was bloody awful in this movie, they shared no chemistry what so ever,I can only come to the conclusion that Stallone thought he would tap into the Korean market by making is co-star a native of this country, same goes for Stallone’s daughter (Sarah Shahi) whose attempt to play the ultra cool chick just comes off as weird.

One to avoid I’m afraid.




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