Man of Steel: Movie Review (2013) – The man Insurance Company’s hate!!

How many trailers does a movie need before it becomes the jigsaw of the total movie? I guessing this movie reached its quote in the lead up to the opening day! I rationed myself to the standard one as I always do and that has to be at least a year before so everything I saw has been totally erased from my fish like memory.

What a great call that was on my behalf, because the opening act to this movie caught me totally unaware. I never had any idea what was about to happen. The concept of creating another world had totally thrown me off direction. In hind sight it is what they needed to do and I was glad for it, for at least 20 minutes. Yes, it was a nice idea, but the build-up felt a little too long winded for my liking. As opening acts go, it has to be up there as one of the most action packed ever. The trouble is however how do you follow on with the rest of the movie?

“Here is how you follow”. You don’t slow down, you just keep going, action after action, it just keeps on coming, not even an hour had gone and I was totally drained. The quieter times in between all the action scenes are very rare. They just didn’t want you getting tired throughout this movie at all. For me I wanted a bit more of the getting to know you faze, but it clearly was hell bent on the here’s my strengths and watch me use them. It all sounds pretty sweet for action lovers, but honestly it was an over kill. Just when you’re getting over one building being torn to shreds, another ten fall in the wake of the macho tight wearing heroes.

I had high expectation for this movie, but….walked out slightly disappointed. The phrase, too much too soon sprang to mind. There was plenty to like, it was a huge improvement on Superman Returns, again another but….they just needed to take their foot of the accelerator a little.




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