No one lives (2012) Movie review; I can’t make my mind up on this film….

It’s normally really easy to pinpoint when a movie goes good or bad,you can slam the story or the acting but in this film it’s not so straight forward.

To start with,it’s a potential horror with a bunch killers who  try to bully at what first seem like normal civilians, this is where the plot twist kicks in and the movie becomes enjoyable from an angle you least expect,full marks for originality.

Then we come to the cast,no one is brilliant but at the same time no one is in the B – class category, to add to the confusion in this verdict they also have Lee Tergesen from the HBO cult classic ”OZ” only problem is he does not play a lead role, there a lot of good but also a lot of average things to digest in this movie.

I guess what I am trying to say is it could have been something special…

Would be interested to know what other people made of this film.




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