Searching for Sugar man (2012) Movie review; A must see for everyone 9/10

This has to be one of the best documentaries ever released, the subject is very interesting and as the story develops you really begin to be captivated by all the people involved.

Forty years ago a young artist named Rodriguez made an album that was largely ignored by the music industry in America, fast forward thirty years and he is as popular as the Beatles in South africa, it was reported that this man committed suicide on stage after his early releases failed to make any impact in the U.S.

The documentary includes interviews with all his fans in S.A as well as all the people involved in making the first album, this story is really mesmerising, the story is told via interviews but each story reveals more about this remarkable man and eventually leads to the truth which is not always a given with these type of films.

The mans music is instantly likeable,I can only imagine that his skin colour was an issue for the American market at the time, mexican song writers did not have a track record of making money at the time so I am guessing that his music was never given any money to go to market.

It’s hard not think about Nick Drake when watching this movie, that his success also came after his demise,but with regards to style I would pitch Rodriguez as Bob Dylan meets the Beatles.

I really enjoyed this on several levels.



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