Spring Breakers: Movie Review (2013) – Smoking hot girls acting like hooligans….

This isn’t going to take too long to describe what a pile of crap this movie was. Actually I will go as far as saying this is one of the worst movies I have seen, since I can remember anyhow, albeit my long term memory is not what it once was and then it was not all that.

Now I have heard that spring break parties in America can be insane, so maybe I have an unfair eye of what this movie is all about. The one thing I do know though is this….I know a well created movie when I see one and this is far from that. So what we got here was a director who went for cheap thrills, every single person on the screen was ripped and shredded within an inch of their lives and the woman were just insanely beautiful. So the target audience here has to be spring breakers themselves, but forget about it if you’re ugly and fat!! You are not welcome at this party.

The movie follows four girls wanting to go on the spring break, but can’t really afford to, so they devise a plan to rob a restaurant so they can go and act like mental cases for the week. At least that’s what you think is happening, the lay out of the movie is a train wreck, it’s just a miss-match of shots and noise and smoking hot girls acting like hooligans. After about 20 minutes of this you’re hoping the movie will level out and give us something other than schizophrenic camera work we’ve seen up to now and the broken dialogue that make no sense what’s so ever. That when we’re introduced to the supposed nemeses character played by James Franco. There’s nothing worse than when this is all played out wrong, some white boy thinking he’s a gangsta! If I wanted to see white guys acting like their black with ill effect I would just pop down the local town and listen to the way 18 year old lads talk with each other.

It’s a total shambles of a movie; I could have done a better job on my I-phone without any cuts.

2/10 (I have to give it 2 for those lovely ladies….Come on!!  I’m not blind.)



3 thoughts on “Spring Breakers: Movie Review (2013) – Smoking hot girls acting like hooligans….”

  1. I don’t think it was as bad as that,I did think by the end, is that it!, but at the same time I did enjoy parts of how the story and camera work played out,it made you feel that you were high and on drugs while watching the film and at the half way point you really had no clue were it was going,…. it turned out,it went right down the pan! I still think the movie wasn’t a complete waste of time, as for the woman Yappy I did not spot any, must have been your beady eye at work again. KO

  2. Spring Breakers had some really good cinematography with its use of neon pink in certain scenes. Director Harmony Korine was saterizing the whole Spring Break phenomenon with this flick. Media tends to push this lifestyle on the youth and tell that its a great thing. The moment when one of the main characters talks over images of teens committing debauchery. Saying that this is a special time, a real important landmark in their lives made me laugh. At the same time I do agree that he is also putting those images there for cheap thrills too. James Franco as Alien was the best thing about the movie. The man should get an Oscar nomination.(check out the “Look at my shit” scene) . Brilliant. Hes not acting like a black guy. Hes acting like what he sees through the media and Harmony Korine is making fun of this too. This is a movie that will split viewers. No doubt, but I’m liking it more. Spriiiiiinnnnnnnngggg Breeeeaaaaaaakk.. Spriiiiiinnnnnngggg Breaaaakkkk. Spring Break Forever

  3. I did enjoy James Franco’s character and found the the style of the movie interesting and different,I don’t think my co blogger Yappy would agree but I enjoyed it to some extent.KO

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