Wasted on the young (2010) Movie review; Total waste of time….

Where to begin with this pile of poop,well the story might be a good start,the idea is not bad…. A girl gets raped after being drugged at a party,the rest of the film is then all about who did it ? did anyone do it ? can anyone prove  it ? Does anyone really care ? ….

In my case no, the key reason for this was the really bad job in editing / directing, there were scenes that lasted ten times the amount they should have without the need or requirement,as a result the movie feels slow and drawn out,it may sound like a strange thing to moan about but when all the key dialogue is delivered in a scene and the camera pans out slowly for 15 seconds it becomes very annoying,maybe once this could be classed as artistic,on every scene it becomes pretentious and really annoying for the viewer.

The teenage characters were mainly one dimensional and reverted to the cool guys vs the nerds which was overplayed by almost everyone involved

There are decent actors who appear in the film but I feel the style, or lack of, ruined any real enjoyment for the viewer.




Snitch (2013) Movie review; Dwayne Johnson going out to show us he can act…

I do like Dwayne Johnson, I am not a wrestling fan but it was hard to miss the charm and star presence that he showed when hurling himself against the ropes.

Over the years since he has made some decent action movies,Welcome to the Jungle and Walking tall being the most enjoyable,he did surprise me in his role as a camp gangster in ”Be cool” but only in the sense of he pulled it off.

I say the previous because this following film is a mess,they have taken out everything that makes Dwayne cool, the film leaves you with a sensitive father who cowers down to bully’s and shows no respect for himself or his family.

Before I get battered for this I know the film is based on a true story, that’s great but why choose the Rock to play a sensitive father on the edge of a nervous breakdown,there is one scene when he is called upon to cry,god it was painful,  for me anyway!!! his face just does not fit this type of role, you can’t have a guy who looks like he could bench press a building walking into rooms looking like he wants to breakdown in tears,the character and the reality don’t meet at any stage.

Dwayne,you are a decent action star but you will never pick up an Oscar,the sooner you realise this the sooner we can both start enjoying your movies again.



The Great Gatsby: Movie Review – Hip Hoping around the 1920’s

 I don’t think you can go into this movie without reading the book first. “If you do, then I think you will be slightly disappointed”. Why I hear you ask? Well you always want to compare a classic book to a movie, to see if the director can catch the magic of words and transverse them into a spectacle on the screen. You’ve seen it many times throughout cinematic history that it takes a special kind of talent to make it work or the wrong type of somebody to totally destroy its vision.

 When I use the word classic, that’s the opinion I have heard splattered left and right about this book. Personally I’m not in that crowd of people who think this book is that great. Yes, I agree it’s well written, but I found it rather boring. The movie does what rarely happens and takes this dull story into a proper jazz filled romp fest. Nothing is spared when showing the life of the extremely well off crowd.

 I was expecting an easy paced movie, where the acting was going to be the crux of everything to come. As the opening credits subsided, I felt like I was slapped around the face after just being woken up and dragged full swing into a hip hop/jazz shindig. There were times throughout though when I was asking questions! More like wondering, that there wasn’t much of a story to be told. What kept me gripped was the style of the movie, the cinematography was fantastic.

 Leonardo was his usual assertive self, but I’m not sure he was the perfect guy to play Gatsby. From the book I had a feeling Gatsby was more chiselled and more dashing. Leo was carrying a little too much weight for this role, but still enjoyable to watch. Carey Milligan was hot and cold as Daisy, very good at the beginning, than her character turned into someone different from the book.  I had reservations about Toby Maguire playing Nick Caraway, but in the end he put in a good performance.

 This movie is not a perfect movie, but enjoyable none the less.






The Lady (2011) Movie review;One of the most underrated films you will ever see!

I never had a clue about this film before pressing play,based on the front cover I would have said it was a story about an Asian lady who strives to find love and fights to be with the love of her life.

The story is nothing like the front cover,( you could argue that it is the opposite in fact) you could say that the title of the film is relevant and is a nice tribute to the lady herself but I feel that if you take the front cover and the title you are doing a disservice to this film and the true story,the rating of the film is marked at a 6, which is remarkably low for such an insightful and beautiful movie,so while I am not saying every movie has to highlight their ingredients on the front page I do feel that the real lack of marketing and awareness hampered this films success at the box office,in the west anyway…..

Much like the ” Last king of Scotland” this movie is about a corrupt government,this time it is Burma’s chance to embarrass itself,after Aung San Suu’s father was shot in a political war this story is about ” a Lady”  who feels it is her destiny to fight for the rights of her own people and leave her cushy life in the UK behind her,I say this in jest as she did not have a lot of choice as the film explores.

I do have my own feelings about the decisions she made, I question her happiness and fulfilment in the UK before she decided to take on the Burmese government,I take nothing away from what she did,I just think there was a question asked in this film,I believe most mothers would have chosen the other option,my point being that if the family were based in Burma and the UK government were corrupt would she have done the same thing if she was called upon ?, she swapped a peaceful family life in the UK were she was regarded as a nobody for a life as national hero who everybody admired due to her fathers importance to the previous generation.

I still recommend the film.



Bates motel – TV review – 2013; This norman is better than the film version.8/10

I started watching this show with one foot out of the room,as the first episode started I was unsure about how much juice could be squeezed out of this classic horror story.

They have taken the blue print of Norman Bates and opened up the flood gates, the possibilities now seem endless but they do still stick within the guide lines of the original story which makes it feel authentic as well as exciting as your feel the show really explains how this little monster was created.

Norman Bates is played by Freddie Highmore, He really does deliver in this show,you know what he will become but the ride that he takes you on to get there is mesmerising, you have sympathy for the way he feels and for the hell that his life continues to be, but at the same time he holds the secret to the darkness in the film that as a viewer keeps bringing you back for more.

I feel the first few episodes were really slow burners but once you get passed those the rest of the show is a real treat!