The Great Debaters ( 2007) Movie review; It says Denzel on the tin

Some balance to an all black themed story would give this movie an extra level of realism and credit,all the white folk seem to have just left a KKK meeting in this film,I am not saying things were not as bad as they seemed but I think with every white person portrayed as the a white devil the film falls flat somewhat.

Denzel is impressive in a boxed formula type of way,to be fair to Washington there were only two actors that could have pulled this role off, Denzel and Morgan Freeman and or maybe Lawrence Fishbourne at a push, there is just something very generic about his performance,if you asked for a Denzel Washington cliché movie people would say it includes long speeches and a passionate temper,well this is what you have in this movie.


Parts of the film are thought-provoking and offer a fresh take on the word debate and the power behind words,that said I am afraid there is that cheesy theme music which is designed to make you cry along with the film, this leaves a bad taste in the mouth and leaves you with an attached view of the film.

Worth a watch but could have been a lot better




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