Evil dead (2013) Movie review; The horror genre has it’s mojo back!

I can’t lie, I loved this movie, I am not saying it’s a masterpiece or complete by that matter but there was enough in it to get me jumping, and being based on the original movies it felt like a trip back in time, It make you realise how the horror genre has lost its mojo in recent years and how films like this had one ambition in mind,” TO SCARE YOU ”.

The negatives –

The cast are not that lovable, there is no star quality in any of them apart from the leading lady, this in my opinion was just a bad casting call,the film itself was solid (for a horror)

The positives –

The use of a chainsaw, machete’s and the over the top blood effects and camera work to make you jump out of your seat.



2 thoughts on “Evil dead (2013) Movie review; The horror genre has it’s mojo back!”

  1. It was so awesome! I ran a few miles to a crappy theater somewhere in Texas. Finished it and immediately bought a ticket to the next showing.

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