The Demented (2013) Movie review; Terrible B class movie

After recently watching Evil Dead it did feel too soon to be watching a movie about half-dozen kids holidaying at a house in the woods, that said I ploughed on through and was left with what can only be described as a B class movie at its worst,sometimes these type of movies can have a comedy side due to their poor production, not so in the film, it just plain stinks with a capital ”S”.

At the start of the movie all the lead characters are talking at the side of the road,the dialogue and the acting is so bad that I was praying for an artic truck to come steaming through and for the credits to roll shortly afterwards,that would have given the viewer some mercy but instead the makers decided to rip off the plot of the ”Walking dead” and make a film about a virus that turns people into a type zombie…….

The film does win the award for possibly the worst CGI ever used in a movie, when a rocket lands near the house, it looks like the director of this .. movie? might have used the paint programme on his laptop to edit this sequence.

Really bad all over,would be surprised if this makes it to TV.




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