House of games (1987) Movie review; Should have been a classic

I know if you look at any con movie list this tends to be up there, I enjoyed the movie a lot but it leaves you thinking what if;

* They had a decent budget ( Apparently this was planned to have a big budget and lots of stars but the director opted to make it himself and include his acting friends and not rely on investor’s.)

* They had cast a well-known leading lady.(Lindsay Crouse doesn’t do a bad job but there is no star quality that makes you care too much about her character.)

Joe Mantegna plays the leading con man,with all the money in the world I would not have replaced him with anybody else.

The film is set around the long con and they play it beautifully,I can see why it has a cult following but I can also see why not a lot of people have heard of it.

I recommend this film.




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