What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012) Movie review;…. A sh*t film!

This is the type of movie that will be enjoyed by people who very rarely watch films, or if they do they never want anything too deep to happen, cue my wife who smiled and nodded in all the right places when relating to what woman go through when they are on this special journey.

The movie is so cheesy at times that it’s not just the babies that are throwing up,I detest Jennifer Lopez and think she is talentless in the acting world, in this film she plays a mother who can’t have her own baby so instead decides to adopt, I have seen more emotion in a dead twiglit than I did in Jennifer’s face, when she chooses her baby to be she uses a selection process only matched by a young child going to the pet store to pick out a family dog!

Cameron Diaz made me nauseous with her career woman character, nothing wrong with working moms but her portrayal just didn’t fit at all, it felt like she was making Something about Mary 2 while everyone else was on this film.

Chris Rock was funny for the fifteen minute screen time he offered but as for the rest of the film I would rather just change nappies for an hour than see it again.




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