Only God Forgives (2013) Movie review; A western movie made in Thailand!

Nicolas Winding Refn once again works with Ryan Gosling,after Drive I am sure I was not the only one anticipating something special, to add a bit of spice to the film it’s also set in Bangkok,.. this was surely a recipe for success ?

Well, yes and no, for a start the director does something I have not seen anyone do before, he captures a part of Bangkok that is normally reserved for the tourist’s alone, he captures the little soi’s ( streets ) and little people who work at the end of the road selling food out of a cart, when you hear the sizzle of the pans it’s so clear that I swear I could smell the flavour in the air,all these scenes act as a backdrop to a ”VERY” dark tale.

I am still not sure if I liked the movie (yes, it’s one of those) there were some really classic scenes throughout and a lot of clips that made you gasp, but at the same time there is very little dialogue so you find minutes will go by with nothing happening apart from some nice montage music and a lot of looking around, now I know this is down to him building the mood of the film and at one point I did feel like celebrating this movie, but then it would revert back into a silent film, there were a few scenes were everyone has been muted so it really does go quiet,overall it had a cool style but just felt disjointed somewhat.

I would class this movie as an experience, but not one I would want to revisit.



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