Speaking parts (1989) Movie review; Painfully dull and pretentious.

Someone recommended this to me, I think this someone must not like me very much, this film was painfully dull and pretentious.

I am normally the guy telling people to give a movie time, or keep an open mind when it comes to directors trying to show you something new, I can’t defend this film, it simply stinks!

The production is no frills, the story and the characters trying to tell it seem like they already had one foot in the grave, you could get away with the style of the film if there were subjects on view that had something captivating about them,I disliked almost all of them within minutes of them arriving on the screen, it’s not that they were not my type of people, they just had nothing that intrigued me to keep watching, I could have stepped outside my front door and wrote about more interested things in my street that this director managed to include in this film.

Two thumbs down !



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