Die Hard 3 (1995) Movie review; Not just a link in the chain! 8/10

I think the world would have been a happier place if Bruce Willis would have stopped at Die hard 3, you will never beat the original, number two wasn’t bad but number three is one of my favourites.

It has one of the classiest openings ever, while the cool song of summer in the city in playing the camera flows into each part of New york city, just when you start enjoying the show …. BOOM !!!

A few minutes later and Bruce Willis is walking down Harlem with a sign that is sure to gain attention –

I would love to have been in the room when this idea was dreamed up, I can just imagine the the lawyers shaking their heads and warning the producers to delete the scene, I loved the scene for it’s originality and the reaction it creates in the viewer as much as the trouble it creates in the film,it really is an iconic piece of movie history.

After 1 & 2 this film needed something new, enter Samual L Jackson who is the perfect foil for Bruce Willis, there is no point putting a straight weak character in against Bruce, you needed someone to challenge him and in some cases over rule him, along with his Pulp fiction performance this is probably next down the ladder for me.

For the icing on cake the you have Jeremy Irons, he has that knack of being charmingly dangerous, you know he is a mean man but he doesn’t go all cliche, if anything he holds back on the threats and anger and brings an added coolness to his character that actually makes him more intimidating to the viewer,Jeremy is possibly the most underrated actor in Hollywood, if you go swimming through his work you will find a treasure chest of acting gold.



Facts about the movie – from IMDB

Originally titled “Simon Says” (where Zeus was scripted as a woman) and was considered as the third sequel to Lethal Weapon.

Director John McTiernan considered either editing out the beginning bombing of the department store, or moving the release date back as they felt that the American public might still be sensitive to bombing due to closeness of dates of the Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

The sandwich board that Bruce Willis wore while filming in Harlem was originally covered in special effects markings rather than text to ensure no one was offended by the racist message. The “I Hate Niggers” was added with CGI in post-production. Some television broadcasts use an alternate version where the sign reads “I hate everybody”, which is sometimes erroneously said to be the original version of the sign used for filming, but this too was added with CGI in post-production.

Director John McTiernan acknowledged the errors concerning the gold in the dump trucks and its respective weight. McTiernan and Samuel L. Jackson were permitted to lift a genuine bar of gold to get a feel of how heavy gold really was.

Although he wasn’t hired for the film, Alan Rickman is still credited as playing Hans Gruber (in McClane’s flashback).

The film was shot under the working title “Die Hard: New York.”

Samuel L. Jackson‘s look in the film was Jackson’s idea after he’d done extensive research on his character by studying books on Malcolm X.

The Russian title for “Die Hard” in the first 3 movies is, “A Hard Nut to Crack”.

The studio told screenwriter Jonathan Hensleigh to remove the scenes with McClane walking around Harlem wearing a sign that says, “I hate niggers.” They allowed him to keep the scene when he threatened to take the script to another studio.



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