Oblivion (2013) Movie review; A monotonous affair

What a big waste of time this movie was, it took me three attempts to watch it which is never a good sign (I kept falling asleep), on completion I felt like I deserved a payment as I had put myself through so much work viewing the dam film.

Tom Cruise is going through the motions in this film, as a big disaster movie goes, this was bloody awful, the movie feels cold and dead without any redeeming features.

Give this movie a miss unless you are a insomniac.



Interesting facts about this movie – like the movie itself there are none.

4 thoughts on “Oblivion (2013) Movie review; A monotonous affair”

  1. The style and look of the film and the music. Same director of Tron Legacy and that is why I also enjoyed that film. It has solid acting, it wasn’t Cruises best by any means. The story was also solid but far from original. Sci-Fi is one of my favorite genres so I can most of them even the not so great ones.

  2. Well I hated Tron also 🙂 I just found the whole thing very flat, I don’t mind Sci-Fi but there has to be something more going on than what what delivered in this film, I also found Tom’s English helper very annoying, as a fellow Brit I kept asking myself how she had managed to be cast in this big movie ! thanks for your feedback.

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