Mud (2012) Movie review; Reminded me of the film ” stand by me ”

This movie shares its style with the film ”Stand by me”, they haven’t copied the film it just captures the youngsters naive quality as well as a sense of loneliness.

Matthew McConaughey puts in his best performance since ”Two for the money”, the man has class as an actor, he really shows some great detail in the emotion he is expressing throughout this film, when the dialogue alone is not enough it’s surprising how much Matthew can convey with just his eyes, that said I do look forward to the day when he leaves his shirt on,he must have it written into every script as I can’t think of film where is doesn’t take his top off, this film is no exception.

Part of me gets annoyed with the fact that he chooses so many bland movies in between the creative and interesting ones, namely … Magic Mike,Failure to launch,How to lose a guy in 10 days, I know you could argue an actor needs to act but I really think he has the talent to pick and choose a little more.

The second star of the show is little Tye Sheridan, he has a look that can cut a tree down, he reminds me of River Phoenix, in his no-nonsense and natural delivery on-screen.

The film in itself ticks many boxes, the story is original and keeps you guessing throughout, it also holds a rare quality which makes you feel comfortable within minutes of watching it, not many films can truly achieve 100% escapism for its audience,I can confirm that ”Mud” did this for me and I applaud the Director (Jeff Nichols).



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