Pascal Chimbonda; A man who threw his career away !

I remember when I first saw Pascal, he was flying down the wing like he had rockets for football boots, he seem to come out of nowhere and it was obvious that he would not be at Wigan for long, he then moved to Tottenham for £4.5 million,everything seemed on course to make Chimbonda the next big star of the Premier league, the richest league in the world,after showing an initial bright fire it wasn’t long before his career turned into smoke, by the time he left Tottenham they were desperate for him to go, the reports from the people inside the spurs camp was that of a man who had an attitude problem.

So when the club who forked out the best part of £5M for you don’t want you after one season, you go where all the rejects go; Sunderland on loan, Tottenham was hoping that he would maybe show a glimmer of the player he once was, in short he was average and in turn returned to his Spurs the following season.

He then slowly got passed down the league, from Blackburn to Qpr and then onto Doncaster.

The thing that stands out about this player is his lack of effort he shows once he receives a decent contract, you have to question a man who is happy to sit on the bench at so many clubs for so long, when he did show up on the pitch it seemed like he was going through the motions.

The man is now at his retirement age but he seems to have no pride or self-awareness of what he has to offer now, he has spent 95% of his career doing very little after promising brilliance, the crime with this player is that he truly did have all the tools to perform on the world stage, I find it remarkable that this man had no passion for the game, only for the dollar.

Now he is at non league Market Drayton he still seems to think that some naive club will fork out some money to pay is over inflated arse, Pascal, you have stolen an opportunity that thousands of fans would have given their right arm for, let your retirement years be your dignity years and not your blood out of a stone stage.

Total waster !


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