The Newsroom ( 2012) TV review – Season 1 ; A conflicting show

My immediate impression was to lust after this show, you have several characters who are competing with brains and ego in the news room, added to this you have Jeff Daniels who is very underrated actor, when you think back to his credits you have him as the lovable Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber, then as the romantic lead in ”The Goodbye girl” and now as the intellectual new anchor who purrs at the screen with an irresistible charm and sour wit, ”THE MAN HAS RANGE PEOPLE”.

Based on the first episode I was blown away, the writing seemed smart(from the creator of the ”West wing”) and I was interested in all of the lead actors, my excitement has dampened somewhat now I am into episode four, It still has the balls and the dialogue is clever but every now and again it touches on everything that the theme is fighting against, there are Alley Mcbeal moments, and constant relationship issues and power struggles throughout that kind of leaves a fluffy after glow to the show, I feel this is bating a certain type of audience and part of me wishes they had just made the show a tad bit more realistic, if a character is supposed to be an asshole , let him be an asshole, Jeff Daniels characters is mind bogglingly entertaining at times, but then he gets a conscience and goes round un laying golden track by apologising to people afterwards.

I hope it loses its fluff factor and zones in to the power struggles within the news more in the future.

This has the ingredients to go somewhere special!



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