Pain & Gain (2013) Movie review ; This movie made me cry with laughter

I wasn’t expecting much when I began to watch this film, Mark Wahlberg is a questionable actor and Dwayne Johnson seems to be tackling every part that Arnold once accepted back in the 80’s.

It’s remarkable that this is a true story, and even more remarkable that Mark and Dwayne both deliver in what is a quirky but hilarious movie, in parts, I say in parts as it takes around fourty minutes to get going, but once the action gets busy this flick had me in stitches,I nearly lost my breath in one scene, it was very subtle but I still think there are enough scenes throughout that will have people holding their sides.

Probably Marks best roles since ”Boogie nights”, he plays a dumb bodybuilder who wants to improve his life by helping himself to somebody else’s money, enter Tony Shalhoub ( ”Men in Black” & ”Monk”) the mans comedy timing is priceless, his character shows levels of stress and frustration that has not been seen on the big screen for a long while.

A pleasant surprise that made me have a fit of laughter



4 thoughts on “Pain & Gain (2013) Movie review ; This movie made me cry with laughter”

  1. Can’t agree with you on this one, absolute shit, get the reality of it by watching the segments on 48 hrs and Dateline NBC, This is not a comedy story so the movie is disgusting. Do you not notice as well that Mark Wahlberg puts out a shit movie every first quarter of the year, Jan.-Apr..?

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