Now you see me (2013) Movie review; The rabbit dies

The movie starts off as an Oceans eleven for magicians, the camera swings into scenes and introduces you to each character,the movie had a fresh feel to it for the first fifteen minutes but then you start to spot too many rabbits hiding and the film becomes a chore to get through.

Key faults –

Four different magicians all agree to steal money and get in to trouble with the police even though they don’t know who is instructing them to do so (very unbelievable), the dialogue is cocksure and generally off-putting after ten minutes.

I love Woody Harrelson but his role included him being the wild one who said everything he shouldn’t, I didn’t believe in his character for a second, only thing more fake than him was his team mates which consisted of three cocky but nervous people who are sure and unsure about everything, meaning this movie just feels lost throughout.

Two wise old actors in Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman throw their cards on to the stage to add some wisdom into the production, this is badly needed but once again the feel of the film is fluffy so you never really get absorbed enough to care about the ending, when the last trick finally arrives you get that feeling that the idea to turn the movie off in the first quarter would have been a good idea in hindsight.

In conclusion the movie doesn’t work and the twist is just horrible.




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