The Frozen Ground (2013) Movie review; Lady Killer

This is the third movie I have watched in a row that is either a true story or based on true events, I have not gone out my way to find reality movies, they have found me…..  to be fair this was probably the most interesting.

The movie starts off by introducing Nicolas Cage’s character who plays a cop on a mission to solve one of the biggest serial murders cases,the film then tells you who the killer (John Cusack) is which is strange in the fact that you now have 90% of the film to find out how they are going to catch him, I was expecting a few twists but they never really arrived but instead you got something different, the hunter being hunted which actually made for an interesting movie by all accounts.

John Cusack in 'The Frozen Ground'

I thought John Cusack was excellent, he has always done weird very well but I really bought into his character here.

Nicolas Cage, puts in another Nicolas Cage showing, by that I mean he shows a man confused and looking for something, something we all know he will find by the end of the film.

Worth a watch and quite shocking when they show the real pictures of the Woman he raped and killed at the end of the movie.




2 thoughts on “The Frozen Ground (2013) Movie review; Lady Killer”

  1. I just watched it last weekend. My initial reaction was “great performances by Cage and Cusack.” The reason that’s a big deal for me, is that I usually don’t like them at all. Never believed Cage could act. He never really disappears into his roles and I really need him to. He was good in this.

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