The Heat (2013) Movie review; Good, but far too safe!

Sandra Bullock plays the straight cop nobody likes, Melissa McCarthy plays the wild cop who leaves the rule book at home.

I heard good things about this movie and even though it was pleasant to watch I felt it missed the mark some what.

Melissa McCarthy is a star, when on screen she glows with humour and personality, she shines so much that she leaves everyone else in the shade, she has the same qualities that John Candy showed, it’s a confidence without a peep of arrogance or cockiness.

I enjoyed the movie, I just felt I was watching a producers dream ticket at times and not an authentic entertaining film, good, but could have been so much better if the characters and writing had been improved.

6 / 10


2 thoughts on “The Heat (2013) Movie review; Good, but far too safe!”

  1. I couldn’t disagree with you more about McCarthy, however you’ve made me really want to check this out now. Good review!

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