Ashes (2012) Movie review; Ray Winstone playing a mental gangster, what a stretch

I am a West Ham fan, and I always had big love for Ray as he is a fellow hammer and the man who is famous for uttering those famous words ” I’m the Daddy” back in his debut film ”Scum 1979”, of late I find myself disliking his performances, you can’t really call it acting when he plays the cockney hard man with moments of kindness in 99.99% of his movies, each word he delivers bends my ear like sleet in a heavy wind, I don’t believe him in this type of role any longer,I think there is a moment in most mental cases, when age softens the edges, Ray has lost his edge a long time ago…

Back to this movie and the story shows promise but really falls flat long before the end, Ray plays the cockney nut job who has lost his mind, he has flash backs of the nasty piece of work he once was, in the mean time the director and writer give their version of unfunny Rain man with a dull but predictable ending.




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