Man of Steel (2013) Movie review; It has super SEX appeal for the ladies

One thing that cannot be denied is the style of this ”Superman” installment, I felt with the previous efforts that the director lit his cigar as soon as the flying cape scenes were shot, everything else was surely just salad dressing….

This movie ticks many boxes that the other efforts do not, the special effects are stunning, think star wars meets superman.

The new superman is good but he fails to secure sympathy from his audience, Christopher Reeve was never ”super” cool but he did have that human geeky quality which let you feel for his superman,the new guy (Henry Cavill) doesn’t really have a geeky side, he looks like he just fell off the catwalk and I guess his biggest problem is fighting off the woman throwing themselves at him when he is not wearing his lycra blue outfit, Henry puts in a decent performance, I just don’t think he has the depth to win everybody over.

Michael Shannon was awesome as Zod, when he got mad you felt he was going to burst through the screen, equally good was Russell Crow playing superman’s dead dad,I just hope when my dad dies that he doesn’t come back to visit in a ghost form offering words of wisdom, if he was to, it would probably be to place a bet for him at my local bookies.




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