The Lone Ranger (2013) Movie review; A real movie that allows you to escape out of your seat!

I had heard very little about this movie, I knew it had Johnny Depp playing one of the leads and that was about it, the idea sounded horrible, to remake the lone ranger, I don’t think there were people calling out for this remake, all the same it was an excellent idea, from the start to the end I was blown away.

The movie really takes you back to wild west, from the indians smoke pipe, to the cowboys boots and spit bucket, the film achieves 10/10 for style and believability, the director plays the film like a real western with black humour, there were lots of laugh out loud moments without feeling like you were watching a movie designed for this purpose.

There is a moment in the film when the Lone Ranger theme music begins, this really blew me away as up until this point there had been no hint that they were going to use it, I had forgotten it existed, it arrived on cue in one of the most beautiful bits of cinematography I have ever seen, the backdrop of the clear blue sky and a speeding train matched with a horse thundering along the tracks were simply outstanding, the special effects in this sequence alone deserve acknowledgment.

The chemistry between Depp and Armie Hammer is endlessly entertaining, I like the old comic book and fairy tale stories from the old days, the bad characters seem really bad, the story has more of an effect on you if you feel genuine fear,the lone ranger has a bevy of bad guys to deal with, Tom Wilkinson impresses but the award for a bad guy in movie for this year, must go to William Fichtner, the man has half of his face hanging out, a million and one scars, and a stare that makes you want to walk out of the cinema.

Most surprising movie of the year for me, full marks to everyone involved, I have just noticed that a lot of people have slagged this film off, these people will be proven wrong in years to come, I agree with the director when he says, in time this will be deemed a classic.




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