The Great Gatsby (2013) Movie review;The OK Gatsby

At the end of this film a frame appears in the centre of the screen, the camera slowly pans in as the music begins, I was unsure if this was the end and did not want to turn off just in case I missed something, it turned out this was the end,and I could have turned off after all, this example sums up how I felt about the movie overall.

There are some fabulous actors involved in this production,Di Caprio,Muguire and Joel Edgerton, there were also flashes of brilliance with some scenes bursting into life, the problem is the other 95%, I understand that you can’t have excitement in every scene, but to develop this book into a movie the director really needed to take a different approach, I would not call this a rubbish movie, but then neither would I want to see it again, It took me three attempts to actually get through the film, each time I restarted I made a mental note of how beautiful the scenery was or a romantic moment captured perfectly to convey a feeling which words could not express… but with all that said I was eventually bored with the story and where it was heading, I found Gatsby’s portrayal resembled a dramatic teenage girl more than a man who had it all.

I could not deny the performances but I simply did not enjoy the film.



2 thoughts on “The Great Gatsby (2013) Movie review;The OK Gatsby”

  1. Over the years I have become a big fan of DiCaprio, but I couldn’t watch this movie to the end. I think the director’s vision was a nightmare.

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