Pacific Rim (2013) Movie review; Rim job leaves a bad taste in the mouth!

Ohh… with a lot of passion I hated this movie, the acting was awful, the characters were one-dimensional, and the style was to rip off any successful sci-fi movie of the past ten years.

Major issue for me was accents, Charlie Hunnam being the worst culprit, he puts on this deep, gravel like accent that seems to swing in between English and American and just for good measure Australian, he totally messed up the football film ”Green Street” for his failure to master the cockney accent, now he adds to his linguistic howlers with this performance.

I have big love Idris Elba, mainly for the ”The Wire” but in general he is an accomplished actor, in this film he must have spent far too much time with Charlie, in the Wire I thought he was American his accent was so convincing, in this he tries his own version of Morpheus from the Matrix and dies on his arse, everything he says is delivered with a slow bass, he starts off in American but ends up in English.

A mention on the film and the plot, it becomes repetitive quite quickly, by the end I was cheering on the bad guys as the good guys sucked so much!

One to avoid, even if you’re seven years old.



10 thoughts on “Pacific Rim (2013) Movie review; Rim job leaves a bad taste in the mouth!”

  1. What an elaborate review. No mention of the incredible graphics and fight scenes? Or the hilarity of Charlie Day? First of all, the film stole most of its plot from classic anime not sci fi films. And if you weren’t so busy critiquing actor’s accents (in a post-apocalyptic world where country lines have blurred anyway) you might have recognized a good film when you saw it. Sure, it’s a bit contrived, but for fans of the genre the film accomplished a lot – it managed fairly complex characters and situations in what could have been just another robot movie. If you watched this film expecting complicated character development or a psychological thriller, you are very misguided. Obviously an action flick is going to focus on, well, action. And in my opinion, Pacific Rim delivered on all fronts. It even had an incredible soundtrack. I’d give the flick 8.5/10. And I’d suggest to you who claim to be “better than IMDB” that you put a little more thought into your reviews than simply “I hated it their accents were terrible and I couldn’t follow the plot”. But maybe that’s just me.

  2. Elaborate or truthful ? I did not see any incredible special effects, I saw the same overplayed and boring effects which could have been the same scene they were so average. I don’t watch many cartoons I’m afraid, the soundtrack was just trying to be the Matrix without succeeding, you make me laugh with the ” I am so busy finding faults with the movie, well as there were so many it’s hard not to, if actors cannot perform the simple task of keeping to one accent, not once but twice in as many years, it’s hard for me to suspend my belief that this is a film to take seriously. As a review line goes, this was played tongue and cheek as there are many review sites that will give you in detail the background to a movie, I prefer to go direct to the point of were a movie stands or falls down.thanks for your comments all the same.

  3. I guess what I meant was, the point of writing a review is to give your opinion but to back it up with examples from the text/film/subject. You are entitled to your opinion, but I want to know *why* you feel a certain way about a film, not just that you thought it was bad.

    A good review also takes a little bit of research. All you have to do is look on the Wikipedia page under “Critical Reception” for Pacific Rim to see where the plot gets its inspiration. Knowing where the film is coming from will help you formulate an informed opinion.

    This critic also dislikes Pacific Rim, but he backs it up with evidence and humor. So, even though I don’t necessarily agree with him, I can still respect his opinion:

  4. Your idea of a film review is different to mine, as is my opinion of what makes a good review, If you want facts and informed information please go to the films press release website,there is nothing I find more boring about a film than researching facts before or after watching.
    If a movie is good there is no need to try and support it with finding out the reasons for its inspiration.
    I did not need to research this film as I am writing my feelings about a film I knew nothing about, that is how I find and approach most films, as to treat each film as a blank canvass and make no judgements based on other people’s feelings or thoughts on film.

    This film was trash in my opinion, the execution of the film was poor, I have given the reasons already, I also don’t like to know too much about a film before watching it, you read my headline and blog and took exception to my review as you feel different, that’s fine, if you had never seen this movie and had only read my review you would have a negative insight into the film, but apart from that the story and what happens are still a mystery to you, people message us all the time thanking us for our review or recommendations,some times they contact us like you have to tell us how wrong we are, I enjoy both sides of the feedback.

    Having read your own blog I would also like to offer you some feedback,I think you offer little opinion within your sentences, I would look back at some of your own work and think about an edit once in a while, I say this not to be mean but to offer feedback as you have to me. I find if you can use half the words to describe something, you will tend make more of impact with the reader.

  5. as I said before, examples would be nice. I do appreciate feedback on my work, but general “you should think about an edit once in a while” is not helpful. Targeted feedback is more helpful. Did you read the article I included in my last comment? Did you even read my last comment?

  6. Yes I read the article you sent me, and I answered all your points, I don’t know how I can tell you any clearer other than to say we are wanting different things from our movies, you say I did not give examples, I mentioned in the review that the acting is poor and the actors involved have previous and that the film gets repetitive quickly, as mentioned in previous message, blogs that include half the story and moments in the film are pointless, why go into a movie knowing this information, could you imagine going into Breaking bad having read the plot on a review, the best discovery about BB was the slow burn and introduction of the characters, I got introduced to that show by a blogger who simply wrote, ” This is special,do yourself a favour and watch it” if I had read that the star of the show was a cancer victim on the verge crossing over to the criminal world I would have still watched but that initial buzz would have been lost.

    I don’t know how many examples you want of your over play on words, I have been writing movie reviews for a couple of years, watching movies for the best part of thirty years, when I first started writing about film, I included all the things you have mentioned, it makes for a boring read,so after nearly 700 movie reviews we have gone from writing in detail to writing what we truly feel about a movie,( what we would say to our friends in the pub) if the film is crap, the review would be short and the reasons explained as to why the film failed, (all this was included in the original review), Which part of you use too many words and not enough opinion in your work did you not understand ??? You mentioned in one sentence that it took you nearly 30 seconds ish to get to your arrival point, what does this tell the reader ? that you had an uneventful trip and this was the most interesting thing you could start off with ? if so leave it out and think of something that would be of interest to the reader…

  7. Gotta disagree, there was nothing good about this film, Godzilla and Transformers have their place but this movie was just wrong in too many ways, you cannot ignore the fact that this film was aimed at teens and geeky men when so many of the elements of film just didn’t work, it felt forced and fake.
    Thanks for your comments.

  8. This movie deserves all the hate it gets, it was very hard to finish! The fact that someone can get a sequel for this crap because overseas audience don’t know any better is frightening, more so than the movie itself!

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