Elysium (2013) Movie review; Worth a watch but only if it’s raining

In the year 2154 the world is divided between the rich and the poor, you could argue that it’s the same in 2013 but this movie pushes it to the extreme.

I love Matt Damon, he has that likeability factor that lets him walk like a chameleon throughout different film sets, he puts in a solid performance in this piece but the movie doesn’t break any boundaries or lay new track in any way, the idea to this film sounded fantastic, I just felt myself never really wanting to run along with the film, the film reminded me of a beautiful lady walking into a bar and getting a kick out of all the guys eying her up, I guess what I am trying to say is the film loves itself a little too much, I prefer the girl who doesn’t give a damn and has everyone guessing about what makes her tick!

I think the films biggest problem was the lack of heart, you join the film knowing that the world is a darker place but I struggled to relate to Damon’s character or have sympathy for him, you could argue that this adds mystery but in the end it just leaves you with that tinny feeling when the credits role.

If you mixed The Running man and Escape from New york you would have Elysium.

Worth a watch but only if it’s raining.



7 thoughts on “Elysium (2013) Movie review; Worth a watch but only if it’s raining”

  1. I agree,in fact I can’t remember the last one that blew me away, be interested to know what you think about it when you get round to seeing it… thanks for your comments 🙂

  2. Thought this line was genius: “the film reminded me of a beautiful lady walking into a bar and getting a kick out of all the guys eying her up.” I can totally see that, I actually quite enjoyed it but it certainly didn’t do anything special. A little disappointed with that. and Jodie Foster was plain terrible.

  3. Thanks for the comment, I also didn’t understand or enjoy Jodie Foster in this, she normally plays the smart character,I think this may have been part of her contract to take this film,(sign up to two films you wanna do and another the studio wants you to do)

  4. Absolutely loved the reference to the lady in the bar, such an apt description for this movie, makes you want to notice it but not really get into further details as such.

  5. Thanks for the compliment,I agree with you on the basis that there was not enough of a reason to root for Matt, it also seemed that all of the characters shared an air of mystery with everybody holding a secret, which in the end I did not care to find out, I have followed you and will look out for your reviews 🙂 take it easy

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