The Purge (2013) Movie review; Great idea but poor execution

The idea of the film is that in the year 2022 the government have sanctioned one day a year where chaos is allowed to commence over twelve hours, this sounds like a fantastic premise,  my mind started to boggle at the possibilities that lay ahead, unfortunately the film swung for the ball but only hit fresh air!

Ethan Hawke’s family are very robot like, they are intentionally like this but it does nothing for the viewer with regards to feeling warmth or caring about how his family deal with what lies ahead, they could have really have done with some character building with regards to Ethan and his wife especially, throughout and near the end, I felt like I had arrived to the film late and that’s why I knew or felt nothing for either of them.

Same with the bad guys, I felt there should have been some dialogue that would explain why they are such dicks, but this never arrived, you could have just taken the build up that everything goes crazy for 12 hours but this didn’t fulfill my need to know more about the creeps in the movie, the movie should have been great but in the end all you are left with is a great idea but a poor execution of a film.




2 thoughts on “The Purge (2013) Movie review; Great idea but poor execution”

  1. The execution bugged me because of how good it could have been, the evil dude with the long hair was interesting, but he just faded off the screen, as did the rest of the film, thanks for your comments.

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