Jobs(2013) Movie review; I wanted to punch Kutcher in the face!

I was interested in the life story of Steve Jobs and thought it would be good to get an insight into what made this man tick, also with reports that this man stole other people’s work or rather represented it as his own I was looking forward to see how this film would portray this technology icon…

Well I could not get past Ashton Kutcher’s face, as soon as he arrived on-screen my fist started to shake, by brain started to feel hazy from all the over the top expressions and super cool stares that Mr Kutcher, AKA talentless asshole, was producing on-screen.

I don’t know why Ashton has this effect on me, he just does, I get that same nauseous feeling each time I see him,I think I can smell the bullshit in his performance and it drives me crazy that he gets by on good looks and money when especially in this film the ”job” could have gone to an actor a lot more deserving and qualified.

The style of the movie was slow & hippy like, and very hard to take seriously.

0/ 10



9 thoughts on “Jobs(2013) Movie review; I wanted to punch Kutcher in the face!”

  1. eye-to-eye, you and me on this one. I hate Ashton Kutcher so much. When I first saw it I actually didn’t think (at the time) he was all that awful in it, but reflecting on it more has me thinking completely differently. This movie in general was just terrible though, and a rather bad tribute to one of the biggest visionaries the (modern) world has ever seen. . . even if Steve Jobs for real was an a**hole.

  2. This movie somehow didn’t quite work for me either. Unlike The Social Network where the plot focused on Facebook instead of going all over the place, this movie chose to juggle Jobs’ personality, Apple, his hippie lifestyle, his broken marriage and ended up being a crazy mish mash of various sub plots. For whatever reason the story of Jobs ended up being all very confusing to me at the end.

  3. The name implies that the movie will be about the man,..”Jobs”, so I had no problem with the inclusion of his inspiration or lifestyle. I am glad that the story did not dwell on his intimate relationships, but focused more on his business vision. The movie showed me that Steve Jobs was not the creator of Apple, but the driving force behind it, and unethical to boot (in the manner in which he treated his co-creators).

    I am not, and never have been a Kutcher fan, but I do believe that this was his best acting performance.

    This movie wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible. I watched it till the end.

  4. You’re a brave lady Elaine, I cannot disagree more about this movie not being terrible, if you compare his performance in this movie and ”Dude where’s my car” I don’t see the difference, putting my dislike for Kutcher aside I still thought the movie was a fluffy production with no bite or style.Thanks for your view point all the same Elaine, let me know if you see any decent films, there seems to be a shortage at present.

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