Hello Ladies (2013) TV review;Merchant puts Gervais in the shade!

Stephen Merchant has carried on the great work from ”The Office & Extras” with a stormer of a comedy in ”Hello Ladies”

I liked the stand up but I think Stephen reacts better to people around him, he effortlessly creates comedy gold with an under lying layer of intelligence.

I think its only natural when a comedy duo go their own way that you tend to wonder who was behind the good stuff, without doubt to date it has to be Merchant, Hello Ladies glows from the screen, Stephen writes and plays awkward comedy better than anyone out there, if you think about the office, the running theme was its awkwardness, I can imagine growing up and living with his 6ft 7 frame created its own back catalogue of embarrassing life stories to call upon, I think that’s what makes this show work, it doesn’t feel contrived or forced, you happily accept the characters as well as sympathise with their sad life and funny theme.

The soundtrack needs a mention as every track leading up the climax of each show is a cracker, the songs in general are known but hardly ever used in modern movies or TV so when the music kicks in, it feels fresh and adds something special to the show.

This show is everything that Derrick (Ricky Gervais ) isn’t, that might sound bitter coming from a fan of both stars but it annoys me when people try to defend or lie about the outcome when deep down they know it’s shit (Gervais on Derrick)

Full marks for Merchant and more power to you ”Player”.



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