Dexter season 4 (TV review) = John Lithgow

I was very slow to pick up this great show, but now I am in, I am ankle-deep….

I remember giving Dexter a go when the first season was released, It did not give me that reason to tune in again and before long I forgot about the show, with Breaking bad now over I was in need of a replacement and Dexter has surprised in more ways than one.

Rather than view it as a bit of a gimmick this time round I enjoyed his depressive mind-set matched with a sarcastic wit, I think we all have that inner voice that says what we are really thinking when talking to someone we find irritating, I don’t think any other show has expressed these feelings better than Dexter.

Moving on to season 4 and I have to stand up and applaud John Lithgow, my oh my, the man can act, his eyes burn anxiety through my chest when watching him, he improves the show immensely and I have to say he is one serial killer that I will miss.


The climax to this season was simply beautiful, with all that has gone before it, I thought the way John Lithgow’s character discovers Dexter’s true identity was thrilling and shot in way that created a great deal on tension and emotion, the director deserves an award just for that one scene alone.

I hear from fans of Dexter that it starts to go down hill once I catch up with the current season, until then I will continue to munch my way through the seasons with sheer delight.

Take a bow John Lithgow.




6 thoughts on “Dexter season 4 (TV review) = John Lithgow”

  1. As someone who has watched finished Dexter from season 1-8, I do have to say that season 4 is by far the best one and i agree it is because of Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow’s rivalry chemistry they had on the show. And you heard right, after around season six the show starts to lose that pizzazz it had that got you hooked on it. I guarantee no one who saw the series finale called that one coming.

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