Prisoners (2013) Movie review; like a train that is delayed only to be eventually cancelled

The older I get the more I find I appreciate a good mystery, normally you work it out in Scooby Doo speed by the time the first quarter has passed, it’s normally the one who is acting overly nice or the character that doesn’t give lasting eye contact.

Well I had my magnifying glass glued to the TV scanning for clues throughout this film, and with a lot of frustration I always seemed a step or should I say two behind, now I would like to say it was a super intelligent film that flew far above my head, but I am afraid that wouldn’t be an accurate account, the film is smart, the acting is believable and the story is intriguing, the biggest issue is the pace of the film, it’s super slow, It feels like someone has asked you to look out the window to spot anything exciting, little clues to the ending are there but the film has too many chunks of nothing going on.

I stayed with the film expecting there to be an explosive ending to make this TWO AND HALF HOURS feel worth it, I enjoyed the style of the film but they included far too much film in the final edit, this would have been great if they could have wrapped it up in 90’mins.

Instead you’re left with that frustrated feeling, like a train that is delayed only to be eventually cancelled.




12 thoughts on “Prisoners (2013) Movie review; like a train that is delayed only to be eventually cancelled”

  1. I agree that the movie was very long and they could have defiantly had a better ending, but i would give the movie a 8.5 or 9. The story line was one of the best I’ve seen and i was hooked the whole movie, so much so that the movie didn’t seem long during the exciting parts of the movie. The ending and the information that the hide through out the movie leading up to the end was very well put together and i would have to say this movie is a strong 9 out of 10.

  2. This one is definitely too long. It also features an odd tonal shift about half way through when it moves from being character-driven to plot-driven. The mystery is intriguing, but I’m with you on the frustrated feeling at the end.

  3. I would agree with the 9/10 if the editor had done a better job of cutting this movie down, I enjoyed it but you do get that nagging feeling throughout which could have been avoided.

  4. Your right about the tonal shift half way through, I feel jealous of people watching this film on a long haul flight, they always cut the movie down to size on the planes which this this case could improve the impact of this film.

  5. I think we have been overly influenced by Hollywood action movies and the formula for story telling making it difficult to appreciate movies with a different pace. I’ll check this one out.

  6. This is frustrating they got so many things right but the pace or what they included in the down moments really lets this film down, if you compare it to Mystic River, that movie is very slow paced but I came away from that film knowing I had watched something special, you get the feeling with this one that it could have been something special, I’ll await your report 🙂

  7. Nice review. A very long movie, however, the cast makes it all worth watching since everybody is involved, every step of the way. Especially Jackman, who scared the hell out of me at times.

  8. I haven’t dislike a main-stream movie with big stars in it like this in a long time. This movie was awful, super hard to get through it to the end. I hated Hugh Jackman’s character and therefore was impossible to sympathize with him if that is what makers of film wanted all the way to the stupid ending!! I am being incredibly generous giving this movie a 6/10 I also question with topic of movie who was seeing this in theatre as is not a date movie?!

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