Santa Claus The Movie (1985) Movie review; A slow drab affair!

On my journey through the old Christmas movies I arrived at Santa Claus the movie, what a sorry excuse for a Xmas movie this is.

It starts off in the snow hundreds of years ago, the shacks they all live in look bleak and depressing and it takes a little time to come to terms with the fact that this is Santa, the early years, you see a fat bloke in a beard and just presume he can’t wear that red number every day…

Then starts a sluggish tale about how a man who gets great joy out giving presents has now been chosen to become Santa, David Huddleston plays Santa like he is performing down the local super market, he never gets too excited or too much of anything, I imagine him knocking back the bourbon in between takes begging for his agent to find him a new part, and quickly.

The snail paced story continues on up until the half point, and then the story arrives into the present day, I say present loosely as it was released in 1985 but this writer decides it would be a good idea to create his own tiny Tim and Scrooge characters and hope that nobody else notices, the story is really naff and the acting is over the top or under cooked through out.

I was four years old when this film came out, I remember enjoying it, but it must have been for the fact that it had Santa in the title and the big fat guy is in it, that’s about as good as it gets.

This film is now a contender for the worst Xmas movie ever made.(even Dudley Moore could not save it.




8 thoughts on “Santa Claus The Movie (1985) Movie review; A slow drab affair!”

  1. My fave yuletide films are Love Actually and Surviving Christmas (with Ben Affleck and James Gandolfini) which got ‘sleighed’ (xmas pun there) by critics but I actually really like!

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