Ernest Saves Christmas (1988) Movie review; Sweet and tacky !

I have fond memories of this film, if I was to place this film, I would say it was for the kids who already know about Santa but are open to find out more.

Ernest is quite captivating for a child, my son could not take his eyes off his wacky expressions and goofy reactions.

As much fun as this movie is, it is pretty low down the list when you consider the best Xmas movies, Ernest is great for kids but for  an adult he kind of grates on you after a while, he is like that character you come across every now again who likes to talk a lot but has no observational skills to sense that the listener stopped listening several minutes ago.

Great for the under 12’s




One thought on “Ernest Saves Christmas (1988) Movie review; Sweet and tacky !”

  1. I have to agree, my son loved this movie when he was younger because he enjoyed seeing a grownup act goofy and while it is funny the first time around, if watched 3 times in one day it gets to be a little much.

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