The Worlds End ( 2013) Movie review; 1st half funny, 2nd half avoidable

After the titanic mess that was ” Paul” I was looking forward to finding out if Pegg and Frost were back on form.

The answer to that question is a maybe, the world’s end starts off well, Simon Pegg plays a guy stuck in 1992 with regards to his fashion, musical taste and jokes.

Frost,Pegg,Freeman,Considine and Eddie Marsan have great comedy chemistry on screen, the idea that all of these cast members were being reunited as old school friends creates great anticipation .

The script seems tight and I started to feel reassured that I was in for a treat, that is, until Aliens arrived and for me ruined what was a decent comedy, when the aliens arrive it kind of cheapens the film, the quality of the dialogue seems to taper off and instead you’re stuck with a film you no longer care about, I watched til the end but my finger was flirting with the off button on my TV for the last twenty minutes of the film.

Really wish they had given the alien take over a miss when discussing the story of this film in the production stage.



3 thoughts on “The Worlds End ( 2013) Movie review; 1st half funny, 2nd half avoidable”

  1. Agree with you. I liked the premise and the start was good. It could have lost 10-15m at the end. Way too shouty and blunt. Shame.

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