The Call ( 2013) Movie review; A fantastic suspenseful thriller!

I do love watching a movie without knowing zero about it before hand, Halle Berry’s character works for the police taking 911 calls, I thought after she took her first few calls I could see were the story was heading but surprisingly the writer keeps you guessing and the pace of the film feels just right as well as entertaining.

I would say this is a perfect date movie ( If you want your girlfriend grabbing hold of your arm anyway) there are plenty of moment’s that make you jump and even more scenes that have you shouting at the screen at what is delivered purposely as stupid people making stupid decisions when faced with life or death choices.

A fresh feel to an old format.




9 thoughts on “The Call ( 2013) Movie review; A fantastic suspenseful thriller!”

  1. Agreed that this is very good at least for most of its run time. The final 1/3 starts making some strange leaps of plot. Still it’s good.

    But then that final scene. Oh. I’m not a fan of that conclusion. I’m just not.

  2. I know what you mean but then again the police arriving to wrap it up would have also been quite boring, I liked the initial line of the police are not coming but the way they left it could have been improved, apart from that is was a steady film.

  3. Haha I thought this film would be horrible based on the preview. Glad to hear it’s not such a disappointment. I think generally people don’t give Halle Berry enough credit. Have you seen “Cloud Atlas”? She was one of the few good things about that movie.

  4. Yes I did see her in that, I did not think the book translated very well into film so I don’t think anyone came out smelling of roses in the production. thanks for your comments

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