Enemies closer (2013) Movie review; Van Damme in another budget movie

Van Damme is back in another budget movie, the man really has poor judgement at times, he goes and works on blockbusters like ”Expendables 2” then lends his hand to this piece of s***.

Now maybe that is strong but in the first five minutes of this film and plane crashes into a lake, the special effects produced in this scene are frankly embarrassing, all you see is a plane dip in the distance and then you see what looks like a penny drop in a bowl of water close up, it takes all credibility away from the film instantly.

As a plus I think Van Damme has improved immensely over the past decade, before he stayed quiet and cute in his early days, he got away with this based on his looks and fighting displays, now both of these are starting to fade he has been forced to find a darker and deeper Damme.

The killing scenes in the movie are another indicator of the budget they had in this film, they don’t even show the knife going into the body, they instead opt for a close up to the face and save money on not needing to buy as much fake blood.

One to miss.




One thought on “Enemies closer (2013) Movie review; Van Damme in another budget movie”

  1. haha hadn’t heard of it, and won’t be seeing it! shame about the bad special effects; lots of movies have really poor special effects nowadays, I think. No effort to be creative anymore…

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