Big Ass Spider (2013) Movie review; Worst film of the year

I know the title sounds strong but I feel justified in using it, there are thousands of poor films made each year,  at least most of those films have realistic goals and a plan of how their final edit will look, I am guessing this director turned up smoking a big fat cigar while chewing on acid.

The story was over the top but could have worked in a Snakes on a Plane type of way, but I am afraid there are a 101 things wrong with this pic’, the editing is so bad that I am convinced it was done by an apprentice, the footage captured was obviously not enough to complete the film so they decided on replaying the same old scenes in different shots, to hide this fact they just played the video backwards, there are too many production issues which in the end just make the film feel cheap.

The special effects are so bad that my wife commented that it looked like a console game at one point, now all of this could have been forgiven if the comedy element had been bang on, which it wasn’t, it was so over played that it landed somewhere between Bill and Ted and Cagney & Lacey.

I have time for Greg Grunberg as an actor, things must look pretty bleak after Heroes if he is taking part in this kind of production.




5 thoughts on “Big Ass Spider (2013) Movie review; Worst film of the year”

  1. Oh god no. I was wondering if you thought this spider thing worse, because that would make it truly, horrifically bad. And then I might I actually want to see it, just to measure its terrible-ness.

    No. I have Getaway as easily my least favorite movie of the year. More than that: it might be my second least favorite film ever. I mark only The Omega Code as obviously worse. And Cool World as possible worse.

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