Runner Runner (2013) Movie review; Rounders(1998) gone wrong.

I have a dislike for Justin Timberlake’s acting, there were moments at the start of this film that I thought I may be converted but then he reverted back to type.

He plays a poor student who runs a gambling link to his university, he then goes to find the owner of an online casino and has the opportunity to go live a new life, the story is unbelivable along with the acting.

I liked Ben Affleck’s performance as it reminded me of his showing in Boiler room, apart from that the film quickly dissolves into a mushy pool of generic crap.



5 thoughts on “Runner Runner (2013) Movie review; Rounders(1998) gone wrong.”

  1. I find Timberlake puts in the same old chirpy chappy next door routine in every movie he appears in, Affleck as grown on me, maybe there is still time for young Justin.

  2. This awful movie never should have been green-lit esp. with the cast that was. Ben now more solid in industry should be kicking himself for going back to shitty pay-cheque roles. JT is not an actor and HW should stop casting him and trying to make him a star.

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