Fruitvale Station (2013) Movie review; They messed the marketing up for this film

When I review a film I don’t like to give the plot or too much of the story away, I prefer instead to go to the heart of the film and let people know if the movie has a pulse and if so does it ever rise.

When my wife and I looked at the trailer for this flick we had no idea what the movie was about, we saw a group of young guys acting all ghetto and a fight kicking off on a train, then the trailer went back to his family life and showed the lead having issues with his partner, we decided to give the film a miss as there was nothing about the trailer that drew us in.

Having seen all of our top picks we came back to this, it was full of surprises, the lead does a magnificent job of portraying a simple and unsatisfactory life,but then if you live outside of the U.S you would not be privy to what happens next, the story is based on true events, I recommend anyone to see this film, it will leave you with a lot of questions and some unpleasant answers.

Great movie and one hell of a story to tell.

I think the marketing guys could have done a better job, as with us we decided against seeing it first time round, I think they could have done a line about injustice or something about what happens when the person you can count on to help lets you down, instead you are left with a film that looks nothing like the story that prevails.



Interesting facts about the film;

There is no mention at all in the film about Oscar’s father, partly because–through his son Oscar’s entire life–he was serving a life sentence for first-degree murder. However, he was permitted to also sue BART for his share of wrongful death payments. As of November 2013, his suit is still pending, while mother and daughter settled for separate total payments of $2.8 million.


Besides Octavia Spencer, another Oscar-inning actor, Forest Whitaker was instrumental as the film’s producer in getting it off the ground. He became a very early supporter of writer/director Ryan Coogler after seeing his film work in college.


Oscar’s father, Oscar Grant Jr., is a self-confessed former cocaine dealer who has been imprisoned since at least September 8, 1985, currently in California’s Solano State Prison.


Footage of a gathering featuring Oscar Grant’s daughter, Tatiana, was shot on New Years Day 2013 (message shown on screen). It was also added a few weeks before its premiere at Sundance.


4 thoughts on “Fruitvale Station (2013) Movie review; They messed the marketing up for this film”

  1. I didn’t quite this before it left the one theater (around me) at which it screened, and now I am impatiently waiting for its release to digital rental. About another week to go before I finally see it.

    I hope I like it as much as, if not more than, you. šŸ™‚

  2. The movie was a bit slow but once you done you just feel bad for how fucked up and slow America is to change! More people should see the movie just for that reasoning.

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