Scorned ( 2013) Movie review; Great idea, terrible execution!

I love the idea for this movie, a women scorned, I am surprised that the plot has not been done more often.

After finding out that her blobby version of Billy ( My god what has he done to his career) Zane,  she decided to seek revenge by torturing both cheaters, the acting is questionable from the off, but the idea seems fresh so I stayed plugged in, before long this great idea soon turns into a flat affair.

The trailer shows all the best bits from the movie, all these bits last around 60 seconds, you have then got the rest of the film to deal with, there is really lack of tension or tempo throughout, I think maybe a lack of budget may have been the reason some of the scenes should have shocked or scared but ended up doing nothing, pretty much like the entire film.

I do feel for Billy Zane, he has gone from the smash hit Titanic (1997) and the fabulous Dead Calm ( 1989) to now being the forgotten man of Hollywood.



ALL IS LOST (2013) Movie review; Say that again!

I love Robert Redford for his previous work, this is the first movie in a while that actually made me angry, I was expecting a version of cast away, what I got was a agonisingly dull film.

The moments that should have been of interest just didn’t work for me, I wanted to see how he would survive, how he would deal with problems that would naturally occur when you are all alone at sea, what makes this worse is the fact that Redford doesn’t utter a word throughout, OK I know he is alone, but surely the odd Sh*t or Fuc* would be expecting  every now and again, instead you are left with a few mouse like mentions of the word …. Help, over here!

If you are struggling to sleep watch this, you would think that if Redford was not going create his own Wilson there may have been some beautifully moving soundtrack, not on your nelly, the soundtrack sounds like someone is playing the same chord repeatedly

My lasting thought was that of frustration, I held out until the end only for this movie to disappoint once again, I get the impression that the budget was limited and someone said to Redford, hey I have a boat, if you’re not busy, fancy making a movie ?

The Washington post describe this film as Dazzling, I would love to find out how much free bubbly and food they were treated to before saying this.



Facts on the film –

The film’s script is nearly dialogue-free and only 32 pages long. (You don’t say, I had just presumed I had gone deaf )

This is the only movie in the 100-plus year history of international filmmaking that has only one actor and one writer/director but eleven executive producers as well as six other producers of varied titles. ( Please make it the only one)

Dallas Buyers Club (2013) Movie review; Probably the most powerful performance of 2013

When I saw Matthew McConaughey in the Wolf of Wall street I felt sick from his appearance, I knew it was as a result of him losing a lot of weight for a movie, my first thoughts were that no movie is worth risk to your health, after watching this film I am now blown away by his performance and have to say I think would have had less of impact on me if he hadn’t gone all balls out to make himself look this sick.

You feel a lot of things for Matthews character, to begin with I hated him, he is narrow-minded cowboy, homophobic and just a general jack ass, as this true story develops you witness what happens when someone is cruising in life to someone grabbing life by the neck and doing anything they can not to let go.

Jared Leto is also outstanding in this very camp role, I would imagine it would have been easy to over play his part, he plays warmth and love from his face but hurt in his eyes, the combination of Matthew and Leto together is a magical concoction.

The movie is more of a message on people and how they treat each other, if you take the lead characters or the corporate companies that bully people.

Interesting facts about the film –

Jared Leto lost 30 pounds for his role.

Matthew McConaughey lost 47 pounds in assuming his role as an AIDS patient. Newspapers reported his new looks as “terribly gaunt” and “wasting away to skin and bones”.

The movie went through various stages before finally being financed with the help of Matthew McConaughey. The first director/actor duo who tried to get the movie made were Brad Pitt and Marc Forster and also Ryan Gosling and Craig Gillespie.

The film marked Jared Leto‘s return to acting after 5 years.

During the mid-1990s, Dennis Hopper was attached as director with Woody Harrelson as Woodroof, but financial backing was impossible to secure.

Such were the budgetary constraints on this 25-day shoot, no customary lighting setups were used for the only camera that was hand-held for takes lasting up to 15 minutes. Rehearsals were excluded and, to the relief of the actors, no post-production looping requested.

Hilary Swank was cast but she dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.




The Hardy Bucks Movie (2013) Movie review; A Smiling green movie!

This movie just made me smile throughout, if you are a fan of Irish blagging and general humour this is for you.

A bunch of skint lads based in Mayo, Ireland decided that life is boring and a trip to the world cup to follow the national team would bring a bit of jazz to their life.

Don’t worry about taking the girlfriend to see this as there is zero football chat, it’s more of a road trip with lots of genuine funny moments and original dialogue.

I get the impression that making this movie was an after thought to these boys having a good time, that energy bounces off the screen and makes the movie enjoyable.

The acting is not great in parts but the punch line and dialogue is so good that it kind of makes up for it.

Put a smile on your face and watch this film!



Filth (2013) Movie review; The best Scottish film since Trainspotting 9/10

Where to start with this little cracker, well I was not expecting what turned out to be a real treat, James Mcavoy really delivers in possibly his most interesting role since ”The Last King of Scotland” he plays a cop going for a promotion and willing to lie,cheat and kill anyone that gets in his way.

The style is key to this movie, at first I thought I had the theme pegged but it has a wonderful split of dark humour mixed with a human emotion which fling’s itself through your screen, I think what they have created in this movie is very hard to get right, but full marks, they have made what I think will be known as a cult classic in years to come.

Depending on your tolerance to get offended I am sure most people will laugh,wince,hide and generally feel moved in several ways when watching this, this movie makes others seem insignificant.

Irvine Welsh wrote Trainspotting and you can tell to the point that you fall in love with his characters in this regardless if they are complete dregs on society or this case a complete Cun*.

Interesting facts about the film:

James McAvoy has the ability to vomit at will. The scene where Bruce is sick was real vomit.

In the first draft of the car singing scene the song was originally ‘I Wanna Know What Love Is’ by Foreigner. Irvine Welsh chose ‘Silver Lady’ as it’s a karaoke favourite.

The room that Bruce has consultations with his doctor in is very similar to the room from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) as seen in the poster in Toal’s office.



My Best Films of 2013 – TOP to Bottom

If the film is not on this list it means I have not watched it, this would be down to it being released in late 2013 or it’s a small independent film and I only have so many hours in da day!

1. The Wolf of Wall Street    –   WINNER!

2.The place beyond the pines

3.Lone Survivor



5.Movie 43

6.Saving Mr.Banks

7.The Conjuring

8.Captain Phillips

9.The Lone Ranger


11. Enough Said

12. Years a Slave

13. Lincoln

14.The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

15. Lee Daniels – The Butler

16. This is the End

17.Fruitvale Station


19. Evil Dead

20. Out of the Furnace

21. The Best offer

22.The Call

23.Man of Steel

24. Don Jon

25.Behind the Candelabra

26. The Gangster squad

27. The Worlds End

28.Pain & Gain

29.Jack Reacher

30. Stoker

31. The Great Gatsby

32. World War Z

33. The Frozen Ground

34. Hangover Part 3

35. Fast n Furious 6

36. The Heat

37. Closed Circuit

38. Kick Ass 2

39. The Family

40. Bad Grandpa

41. The Purge

42. Elysium

43. Wolverine

44. R.I.P.D

45. Killing Season

46. Identity Thief

47. OZ The Great & the Powerful

48. Gravity (2D)

49. Hours

50. Snitch

51. Side Effects

52. Warm Bodies
53. American Hustle

54. I give it a year

55. Iron Man 3

56. Runner Runner

57. Dead Man Down

58. Only God forgives

59. We’re the Millers

60. Bullet to the Head

61. Now you see me

62. The Last Stand

63. After Earth

64. 21 & Over

65. Oblivion

66. Escape Plan

67. Hansel & Gretel

68. GI Joe

69. Redemption

70. Wee Man

71. Enemies closer

72. Last Vegas

73. Pacific Rim

74. Assault on Wall St

75. Olympus has fallen

76. Trance

77. The Internship

78. Officer Down

79. Big Ass Spider

80. Company of Heroes

81. Open Grave

82. 2 Guns

83.  Empire State

84. Kill Em’ All

85. Jobs

86. Devils in the Details

87. Bling Ring

88. Welcome to the Punch

89. Parker

90. Red 2

91. The Demented

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Last Vegas (2013) Movie review; Hangover for old people

The only real funny parts are in the trailer, the story of four pals coming together after x amount of years to celebrate their friend’s wedding.

The only thing that made this film stand out was the calibre of the actors involved, De Niro, Freeman, Douglous & Kline.

Each joke is about how old they all are but the only thing that really becomes old quickly is the jokes, as mentioned the funniest bit’s were included in the trailer, the only thing left was gap filling bull*hit stories about lost love and friends falling out.

One to miss, even if your on a plane.



Lee Daniels ‘ The Butler (2013) Movie review; Ignore Oprah & Mariah and you have a good film!

There are parts I love about this film and parts I hate, If I start with the hate, Oprah Winfrey, she may be a good person outside of acting but as I not reviewing her biography I will have to stick to her performance in this, she has the same icy look on her face throughout, if there was a journey she had to go on, lets say from 1 to 10, she started on 10 and finished on 10, I did not believe her pain or her happiness.

Now to the good, the story is interesting, you revisit a black persons life from 1926 onwards, the attitude of the black people is remarkable, this information is not unknown but this movie really gets under the skin of racist America at the time, the strength it must have taken not to react must have been overwhelming.

Forrest Whittaker is fabulous, as usual he tells a million stories with his eyes and drives the emotional roller coaster off the tracks.

The relationship he has with his son is powerful but it is his relationship with four different presidents is what has you attached to the different decades and gives you a feeling of how attitudes change over time.

WTF moments, Mariah Carey, I am told is biracial, when you see this family together,she is playing the mom of Forrest Whittaker ???, it just doesn’t look right or feel right, it feels like she was jam-packed into this movie because of who she is.

If you ignore Mariah and Oprah’s contribution you have a decent film.



Facts about the film:

The character of Cecil Gaines was based on Eugene Allen, who served as White House butler for over 30 years and 8 presidents from the Truman to Reagan administrations.

In the original script, Cecil Gaines meets President Barack Obama. Lee Daniels considered asking the president to play himself. Since the film was shot during the height of the 2012 presidential election, Daniels decided to cast actor Orlando Eric Street in the role instead. The scene was shot but ultimately discarded, and archival footage of the real President Obama was used.

Reunites Robin Williams and Forest Whitaker after 26 years of their first appearance together in Good Morning, Vietnam (1987).

Warner Bros. Pictures released the 1916 silent short film The Butler (1916), and filed a claim with the MPAA to rename this film. The MPAA allowed the Weinstein Company to add Daniels’ name in front of the title, under the condition that his name was “75% the size of The Butler”. On July 23, 2013, the distributor unveiled a revised film poster, with the title “Lee Daniels’ The Butler”.

Oprah Winfrey‘s first on-screen film role since Beloved (1998) in which she does not play herself.

Grudge Match (2013) Movie review; Better than expected

I had just recently watched Escape plan so I had low expectations going into this one, first off the idea sounds shitty, two iconic characters for the last thirty years matched up on-screen with a half as script that creates two pensioners to smack each others wobbly and decrepid bodies.

Forgetting how ridiculous this film sounds you do have two monsters of the acting world in it, De Niro brings a level of class to this far-fetched story, his relationship with his son ends up being a sub plot that is more interesting than the Rocky v La Motta bout.

The genre is meant to be split between comedy and drama, the drama side and avoiding the boxing and obvious jokes was pretty good, both fighters show hurt and pain to a degree that captures your attention, the comedy elements are more cheesy than genuinely funny.

Hot actor at the moment is Jon Bernthal, he delivered in the smash hit ‘The Wolf of Wall St” and proved how imposing he can be as a character in ”The Walking Dead” it looks like he has transferred his talents onto the big screen with ease, he did not look out of place when working with De Niro in this flick.

Kim Basinger plays the love interest and offers no more than an attractive older actress trying to show depth that she never showed in her youth, nothing has changed since she has gotten older.

Worth a watch but don’t go out your way!



Facts about the film :

Alternate endings were filmed to avoid any spoilers or leaks.

The younger version of Kim Basinger‘s character is played by her real-life daughter, Ireland Baldwin.

The Wolf of Wall St (2013) Movie review;This has to be my film of 2013, to be honest, nothing else comes close.

Every now an again you come across a movie that moves you, watching the movie itself becomes an experience,  this movie was one hell of journey that I would happily revisit in years to come, DiCaprio is now officially the king of Hollywood and king of the movies, De Niro was once known as an actor that held danger in his performance, he had the ability to make you laugh and scare you to death, all within the same minute, DiCaprio has now taken over his mantle and blew his audience and other performers out of the water.

Matthew McConaughey looks ill, I know he recently made a film were he had to lose weight but it looks like he did not have time to put the weight back on for this film, it’s my only negative about this film.

Dicaprio plays Jordan Belfort, the story is about his life and in starting a less than straight forward stock broking firm, one of my favourite films is Boiler room, this movie is about the same guys, but more so focusing on the head honcho rather than the milk boy.

Jonah Hill had no problem putting the weight back on for this film and takes part in one of the most entertaining double acts that I have seen on-screen in years, with ” Money Ball” and now this Jonah is slowly becoming an actor to take seriously, his stand out scene on the phone was truly hilarious.

Overall I love this film, it feels sexy and dangerous, it’s more about ego than anything else, the style of the film just shines off the page, This has to be my film of 2013, to be honest, nothing else comes close.



Facts about the film –

Real-life Jordan Belfort appears in a brief role in the film’s final scene, introducing his cinema stand-in Leonardo DiCaprio. As accurately portrayed, Belfort is now a motivational speaker who previously served 22 months in federal prison for stock fraud.

The actors snorted crushed B vitamins for scenes involving cocaine. Although their noses felt uncomfortable, it gave them more energy to perform their scenes.

Matthew McConaughey improvised the scene when his character hums while beating his chest. In fact, through much of the movie, dialogue was frequently improvised.

Jordan Belfort coached DiCaprio on his behavior, especially instructing him in the various ways he had reacted to the Quaaludes he abused as well as his drugged confrontation with Danny Porush.

Margot Robbie has revealed that she accidentally slapped Leonardo DiCaprio more violently than she intended to while shooting a scene , she got a little lost in the moment and slapped his face and said “Fuck You”, there was a stunned silence on the set and then all of them burst out laughing, but she feared that DiCaprio would sue her for it, she apologized, but he was impressed with her courage and asked her to hit him again.

The real life, Mark Hanna, who was portrayed by Matthew McConaughey, stated he bought 25% of Belfort’s business and worked with him for two more years. This was not depicted in the film.

Leonardo DiCaprio says that he and Martin Scorsese were able to ‘push the envelope’ with their depiction of over-the-top sexual acts and scenes in “Wolf” and ‘make the movie they wanted to’ primarily because the production was financed independently,and not by any major studio. Scorsese did however edit some sexual content and nudity to avoid an NC-17 rating at the request of the MPAA.

During the search for the right Donnie Azoff, Martin Scorsese had requested a meeting with Jonah Hill, but Hill demanded he audition for the part. It was Hill’s first audition in six years.

Chris Evans and Joseph Gordon-Levitt auditioned for a role.

A young Steve Buscemi briefly appears on screen in a 1987 episode of The Equalizer (1985) that Max Belfort (Rob Reiner) is watching on TV at home.

Martin Scorsese:  as the voice of John, the first client, that Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) sells Arotyne IND penny stocks.