American Hustle ( 2013) Movie review; Great actors in a slow and dull film

This movie had all the ingredients to be special, it’s based on true events and there are several actors pushing over themselves to get an Oscar, added to this I normally love hustler movies, my lips were truly wet in the anticipation of this film.

Apart from a few scenes and some nice dialogue in places the film really missed the mark, I love the movie ”Goodfellas”, in my opinion the director of American Hustle (David O. Russel)  was aiming for the same style when working on this feature but it just doesn’t happen.

The acting of Christian Bale was outstanding throughout, he was followed closely behind by Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams but as the film fails to capture or even pull the viewer along It all feels a bit wasted by the time you get to the end.




8 thoughts on “American Hustle ( 2013) Movie review; Great actors in a slow and dull film”

  1. I think that’s why it reminds me of Goodfellas with the narrator, only thing being that they pulled it off and AH did not, If I had not seen so much hype over this movie maybe I would have scored higher but I went in with high expectations…

  2. THANK YOU!!! I thought this movie was a flat-out mess. I was really surprised it was so bad after the wonderful “Silver Linings Playbook” last year. Oh well. There are too many hustler movies anyway.

  3. I am so happy someone else finally sees this as a crap movie, it was painful to watch and had to stop and start it many times! If this wins any awards I will be appalled!

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