The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) Movie review; A Charming and inspiring film

After ”There is something about Mary” I have always rated Ben Stiller, he has starred in some decent films since then but normally they lack real substance to leave a lasting memory, with Walter Mitty you finally have a film that has depth as well as the ability to play on Ben’s goofy face and warmth.

Another reason I like this film so much is the angle it is taken from, in this case you are inside a mind that very rarely says what it wants and instead plays it safe, Walter’s mind in question is afraid to stick out from the crowd but does have one witty and funny imagination.

The special effects are surprisingly outstanding, the movie could have gotten by without them but they do add a nice bit of bling to this already smart and interesting film, I think a lot of people will relate.



Facts about the film –

Actors Jim Carrey, Owen Wilson, Mike Myers and Sacha Baron Cohen were all considered for the role of Mitty during the development of this film.

Nikon, the maker of the F3/T camera used by the Sean O’Connell character in the movie is blanked out by black tape of gaffers tape. This may be done because the producers of the movie did not have permission from Nikon to use their name. It also may be done because many professional photographers will cover up the name of their cameras for various reasons, such as not to have to answer too many questions from lay photographers about their gear, or the desire not to advertise what they use to the general public.

Filmmakers Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard and Mark Waters have all considered remaking this project.


“Life” was an American photojournalism magazine published from 1936 to 2007. It was published weekly from 1936 to 1972, as an intermittent special 1972-1978 and monthly 1978-2000. From 2004-2007 it became a weekly newspaper supplement published by Time Inc. The magazine’s prestige lasted for two generations (in its heyday, it occupied five floors of the Time & Life Building in Midtown Manhattan) before waning due to changes in taste, drop in advertising revenue and the internet boom.




5 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) Movie review; A Charming and inspiring film”

  1. hey jjames, can you elaborate on that? In particular I thought Kristen Wiig was outstanding and Ben Stiller was so charming. The actor who played the boss was a little too cartoonish but since he wasn’t really the film’s biggest villian (Mitty’s fear was what Mitty really had to take down) I don’t think it’s too big an issue. What do you think?

    Great review- enjoyed the facts a lot. I wrote my own review on my site yesterday, check it out if you get the chance. Thanks!

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